External Equipment

External equipment
Printers, scales and more

Label Printer

ADOR4 is able to print Despatch labels, SKU(Product) barcodes, and many other types of labels. ADOR4 is compatible with the following printers among others:

• Zebra GK420 range

• Zebra TLP 2844 range


ADOR4 Scale Server, which is used to import weight data from scales connected via a RS232 port, is compatible with the following scales:

• Rinstrum R320

• JIK6

• JWI600

• JWI3000

• Snowrex PS Plus

• Snowrex AHW-6

• Richter W113

Dimension Equipment

ADOR4 Weight and Dimension Server, which is used to import weight and dimension data from dimension equipment connected via a RS232 port or Ethernet connection, is compatible with the following machinery:

• CubiScan 100

• AutoMatrix PLC systems

• Digi SPK-1000

Touch Screens

ADOR4 Touch is a user-friendly interface built to run on touch screen PC’s equipped with wedge scanners to read barcodes. ADOR4 Touch is compatible with several Windows touch screen PC’s and even tablets running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. Specific touch screen models in use include:

• ELO Touch POS 495

• Dell XPS All-in-One Touch range