AdOr Partners

Accredited, preferred service provider for AdOr systems

Complete spectrum of Supply Chain Services Provided By Nebula In Partnership With AdOr

Nebula Group is a group of companies offering clients the complete spectrum of supply chain services covering end-to-end solutions that add value to our clients.

Nebula solution design approach is not from a typical engineering perspective only, but a proper strategic and business analysis perspective. Our methodology that is followed is a collaborative approach to strategic design that is required to realize the clients expected outcomes.

Nebula not only partner with AdOr Systems on implementation and support, but use AdOr Systems as solution within its own operations.

Warehouse Management Solutions Provided By Forte In Partnership With Ador

Forte Warehouse Solutions focuses on the implementation and support of ADOR Systems, relevant to the warehouse environment of each project.

Each project starts with a process design that leads to development, implementation and training. Continued improvement remains the focus thereafter. Forte’s onsite consultant navigates each clients through all steps of the project plan.

Forte further makes use of other strategic partners to achieve the balance between people, process and systems.

Our Partners offer post implementation support in the following ways:

Super User Training

Specific training with assigned super user and refresher training for allocated users via pre-determined training schedule per visit.

Super Utilisation

Continued improvement on the system use and benchmarking current procedures with latest system trends for new development.

Extended Support

Offering extended support hours and support packages. Backup and restore for healthy database.

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