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Your Warehouse, Managed.

Enterprise Ready
Database Engine.

Since 2007, AdOr4 has been developed, refined and perfected to allow you to manage your warehouse efficiently.

The same basis of functionality, effectiveness and flexibility is the foundation on which AdOr5 has been built! Your warehouse will never skip a beat, allowing you to focus on other critical parts of your operation.

Speeds up the flow of Goods and Information to Enable Flawless execution across Inventory, Labour, and Space.

Warehouse Management





Performance Management

Designed to help you exceed customer expectations in the omnichannel marketplace, our Warehouse Management System maximizes efficiency and optimizes the potential of every fulfillment center.

Warehouse Management Basics

ADOR has several applications built to work together as a full Warehouse Management solution.
This includes, amongst others, the following applications:

Warehousing Operations:

AdOr5 Server or Cloud, AdOr5 PC Client, AdOr5 Mobile Server, AdOr5 Mobile Client.

Data Integration:

Our REST API to AdOr5 allows you and your team of experts to integrate with AdOr5 at no additional costs to you

Warehouse Hardware:

AdOr5 Put-to-light system Integration. Label Printer, Dimension and Weight Server, Scale Server & PLC Server.

Flexibly customized for your logistics workflows

The ADOR Warehouse Management System is a multi-faceted application suite, consisting of server-side applications, PC & touchscreen interfaces, and mobile scanner applications for hand-held terminals.

A Smart WMS for Effective Control

AdOr 5 WMS is a high-performance warehouse management system for the active control of all processes and material flow as well all available resources in the warehouse. 

Your WMS can be tailored to work within your existing and future processes. It’s designed to grow alongside your business if and when your requirements change.

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Database Engine

Our fast, stable. secure, scalable Enterprise Grade database engine ensures that your operation has minimal downtime and optimal performance, even during peak workloads.

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Cloud Hosting

Does your warehouse need the scalability of cloud managed hardware? Removing the need to maintain and pay for hardware that will be redundant in a few years?

ador WMS

Android Ready

With the end-of-life of Microsoft Windows CE devices and the ever growing choice of Android based mobile scanners, AdOr5 is proud to announce the all new AdOr5 Android mobile client.

ador WMS

Managed Instances

Want us to host and manage your AdOr5 instance? No problem! Our team of engineers are able to design, build, setup and maintain the optimum platform to host your instance of the AdOr5 WMS hosted locally in South Africa.

Database Uptime
Error Handeling
Commitment to our Clients

Move your stock easily

On the move,
all the time.

Receive, move, sort, pack, and ship your stock with ADOR Mobile Client, using your choice of Android 8+ supported devices.

By communicating with your server via WiFi, ADOR Mobile Client allows for real-time updates.

Printers, scales and more

External equipment

External equipment

Discover how the Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) from AdOr modernizes your inventory and order-fulfillment operations, providing significant gains in accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

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Label Printer

ADOR5 is able to print Despatch labels, SKU(Product) barcodes, and many other types of labels.

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Dimension Equipment

Import weight and dimension data from dimension equipment connected via a RS232 port or Ethernet connection

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Touch Screens

ADOR5 Touch is compatible with several Windows touch screen PC’s and even tablets running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

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ADOR5 Scale Server, which is used to import weight data from scales connected via a RS232 port



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