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Introducing the NEXT generation of the AdOr Warehouse Management System.

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One Step Ahead

Built on our
Previous success

Built on the success of AdOr4 and its predecessors.

Since 2007, AdOr4 has been developed, refined, and perfected to allow you to manage your warehouse efficiently. The same basis of functionality, effectiveness, and flexibility is the foundation on which AdOr5 has been built!

Your warehouse will never skip a beat, allowing you to focus on other critical parts of your operation.

360o Warehouse Management Solutions

Explore What We Are Doing Better

Discover how the Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) from AdOr modernizes your inventory and order-fulfillment operations, providing significant gains in accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

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Enterprise Database Engine

Our new database engine ensures that your operation has minimal downtime and optimal performance, even during peak workloads. Offering enterprise functionality that you would expect, like replication, clustering, high availability, and extreme performance.

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Multi-site support

By adding on a single module, you can enable the ability to manage multiple sites from a single server instance. This means no more license per site/database, giving you the opportunity to expand your business without the need to worry about additional licensing costs.

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Hosting on the Cloud

Does your warehouse need the scalability of cloud managed hardware? Cloud hosting with trusted online providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS or even using your own datacentre is now a reality for AdOr5!

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Managed Instances

Want us to host and manage your AdOr5 instance? No problem! Our team of engineers can design, build, set up, and maintain the optimum platform to host your instance of the AdOr5 Warehouse Management System.

End-to-End Warehouse Management

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Whether you run your warehouse operations on-premises or in the cloud, AdOr’s WMS makes your warehouse smarter, so you can increase efficiency, maximize your workforce and identify bottlenecks to scale your operation to its full potential.

Advance your warehouse operations from beyond basic picking, packing, and shipping, speeding up the flow of goods and information through your warehouse, and enabling flawless execution of all warehouse operations.

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Welcome to Android

With the end-of-life of Microsoft Windows CE devices and the ever growing choice of Android based mobile scanners, AdOr5 is proud to announce the all new AdOr5 Android mobile client.

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New Standard Integration API

With the addition of our new Standard REST API to AdOr5, we have now opened the door to allow you and your team of experts to integrate with AdOr5 at no additional costs to you!

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Cost effective and LOCAL

Being developed in Cape Town, South Africa, our licenses are based in our local currency and not linked to international exchange rate fluctuations that could add unwanted surprises to your budget.

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NO per user license costs!

This means that you only pay per server instance and any additional modules that are installed and maintained monthly. No matter how big or small your business scales too, your server license will remain the same.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

From planning to implementation we get your warehouse setup and functional so you can ensure that goods and materials are located where they should be, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time (JIT) based on demand, stored in compliance with regulations, and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer.


Learning About Your Requirements

Let’s meet to discuss your Business & Solution requirements as each Business is different. 


Plan And Formulate The Best Solution

We will advise you on the best & most cost-effective solution to meet your requirements and allow your business to grow.


Implement Your WMS Solution & Training

We then install all hardware & software, provide you and your team with detailed training for you to manage your business effectively.


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