AdOr: Features & Solutions planned for 2023

The well-known South African software company AdOr has designed numerous new solutions for warehouses and will continue to design more innovative and efficient solutions.

We listen and take our clients request seriously to this end we have planned the following new feature releases which will be introduced and rolled out in 2023. 

Soon, the AdOr5 mobile app will be able to chat, allowing users to do so to talk to each other via text or instant message on multiple devices. It’s helpful to be able to ask for feedback based on a message (Yes, No, OK, etc.) without giving the user the ability to send a message to make sure users respond to requests from management or controllers.

The AdOr5 mobile app will soon support multiple languages, which we have developed and are in the process of implementing. When logging in from a mobile device, the user can choose a default language. This would be a huge help when introducing the AdOr5 warehouse management system to nations where the native language of the mobile application users is not English.

The ability to compile many reports into one package and send them out regularly throughout the day will be introduced. The management staff, for instance, will receive the Daily Throughput report and Open orders every weekday at 17h00. Each week at 08:00, the planning team should receive an update on open orders.

The system alerts caution, and information can be sent to contacts by email, SMS, and Telegram. Your warehouse will benefit from the precise inventory data provided by the notification system, and you can also utilize it to keep your customers in the loop.

The AdOr5 WMS can be integrated with LDAP services like Azure Active Directory to manage permissions, roles, etc. As a result, the AdOr5 WMS can be managed along with the rest of the company’s operations from a single location, eliminating the need for constant service-by-service updates. Facilitating the swift addition or deletion of users and user groups.

Multi-factor authentication keeps people from getting into sensitive information and systems without permission. A hacker rarely has access to a second or third authentication factor besides a stolen password or other authentication methods. Because of multi-factor authentication, the safety of your business will go up.

Users can simplify their login process using this solution’s single sign-on (SSO) authentication. When used with Azure Active Directory, the result will be extremely potent.

At AdOr we will continue to strive and design solutions to help you exceed customer expectations in the omnichannel marketplace, our Warehouse Management System maximizes efficiency and optimizes the potential of every fulfilment center.

Interested in what our WMS can do for your operation?