AdOr: The Future Of South African Enterprise Software

AdOr, a prominent South African software company, has released several new solutions, and it plans to do so again with new software designed to help businesses manage their operations. This article will preview AdOr, the next generation of South African business software. We’ll examine how your company needs various software applications to function daily. But it’s not just your company that needs access to these technologies; your customers and staff do, too.

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Objective of AdOr

AdOr’s Warehouse Management System makes your warehouse innovative, whether you operate your operations locally or in the cloud, allowing you to enhance productivity, reduce waste, and eliminate bottlenecks so you may expand to your fullest capacity. 

AdOr’s ambition is to create logistic software environments that are both user-friendly and highly effective in helping their intended audience achieve their objectives. As a result of using AdOr, you can enhance the efficiency of your warehouse beyond just selecting, packing, and shipping; you can also accelerate the flow of items and data across your warehouse, and you can ensure that all warehouse processes are carried out without a hitch.

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Solutions Introduced In 2022

When an organization’s APIs are designed the same way, they provide developers with the best possible experience. Because of the uniformity of their layout, APIs are immediately comfortable to use. It reduces the learning curve for employees just beginning to utilize your API. For that reason, we’ve expanded the functionality of current interfaces and introduced a plethora of new ones to fulfill our promise of allowing full integrations.

The system has been updated with new interfaces. There are new interfaces that allow you to produce purchase orders and invoices, as well as control your products in AdOr5 and synchronize your changes with Xero.

The AdOr5 mobile and desktop clients now support the addition of photos to products, inbound deliveries, outbound orders, and shipments. Tracking damaged packages for reimbursement is one example of a possible application. Taking pictures of products so they can be easily recognized in the future. Connecting bills of lading or proofs of delivery to shipments.

Dedicated barcode scanning hardware is no longer required because users can simply use their mobile device’s camera to scan a product’s barcode. This solution allows newer businesses and those with a smaller budget to implement good warehouse management practices at lower-volume sites using Android-based mobile devices at a lower cost.

Since it is no longer necessary for a single resource to do all uploads, and since multiple authorized employees can now work simultaneously on the integration, we have built a new upload interface for the customer to use in order to transfer integration data.

The ingenuity of Android’s mobility is revolutionizing the workplace. It is the most widely used mobile operating system because of its reliability, adaptability, and safety (OS). Since efficiency and precision are so important in the warehouse nowadays, many businesses are switching to Android OS-based devices. So, our experts have now made it official that Android 12 can be used.

Now that we’ve automated everything, as soon as a shipment is complete, a note notifying everyone on the email list will be sent out. The customer can be notified of an upcoming shipment, or another internal process can be started using this information.

Before this development, if a warehouse needed to print to a barcode printer or send a print job to a specific printer, a printer agent had to be installed on the desktop of the workstation that was physically linked to the printer. Since we last updated the printer agent, it only needs to be installed on a single server or workstation in a distribution center to facilitate using several networked printers. Administrators can assign specific printers to receive documents and labels created from specific computers or in response to specific tasks.

We would like to thank all our current clients for a successful 2022 and look forward to growing together. 

We also have the privilege in welcoming the new site additions to the AdOr5 family onboarded in 2022.

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